Learning Blade With STEM Class

On October 31, 2016, completed Learning Blade, a MakerMinded activity.

Learning Blade is an effective tool designed to grab students’ attention while introducing them to STEM careers and technologies. This high quality supplemental curriculum focuses on developing student interest in STEM through interactive missions and critical thinking exercises that reinforce academic standards and skills.

From The Submitter:

Learning Blade was introduced to our school at a Professional Development opportunity. My STEM students were getting ready to begin a unit on Water Filtration. The Haiti Orphanage Mission paired perfectly with this unit. Students were able to complete the career mission of a Civil Engineer as well as the engineering mission Water Purification. My students enjoyed working through the missions because the material related to real life. Next year, I will have the students research different types of water purification systems that are being used globally. After this lesson, students understood that having clean drinking water is a world wide problem that their generation will have to address.

Clayton stated " I really enjoyed reading about the the processes that were involved in making clean drinking water". Dylan said "I am glad that we were able to learn about several engineering careers in this unit".

About Our Program:

The Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) national manufacturing institute, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN), and Tennessee Tech University's iCube are working to spread the MakerMinded program to schools throughout Tennessee. MakerMinded is a workforce initiative created with the purpose of generating manufacturing mindsets in middle and high school students. Using the digital platform provided by MakerMinded.com, schools can find and complete activities related to manufacturing and STEM, earn points, and move their way up the online leaderboard as they gauge their progress against other schools in the state.

The goal of the program is to immerse more students in STEM and manufacturing learning experiences, increase the number of students pursuing further STEM education and training, encourage students to develop foundational technical skills, and expose under-represented populations to manufacturing and STEM fields.

"If we continue to allow students to turn away from STEM education without providing them the opportunity and encouragement to continue it, then we are doing them and our country a disservice," said Larry Brown, Executive Director of LIFT.

To learn more about MakerMinded and get your school involved, visit www.makerminded.com or contact Tennessee Tech University's iCube Executive Director Kevin Liska at kliska@tntech.edu.

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