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Prosthetic Design and Fabrication

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Describe the Activity: 

Program Description:

Design and fabricate a prosthetic using 3D printing to meet a patient need. STEM student teams will research a patient need that could benefit from 3D-printed prosthetics. The teams will generate and analyze candidate solutions using criteria formed through their research. The teams will design and fabricate prototypes for the problem area using 3D printers and other methods. For the industry partner, the focus is on the thoughtful, creative design of prosthetics to meet a patient need. For the STEM School, the focus is on the collaboration and critical thinking skills demonstrated by the student teams.

Time Details: 

2 months
9 weeks
about 3 to 5 hours per week for 1 qtr.

Cost Details: 

3D printing materials and 3D Printer. There are several grants available for 3D Printers. Please visit for a comprehensive list of available grants.

People Details: 

Groups or teams for 3 to 4 students

Submission Details: 

One submission per group per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Collaboration: Working with other people on a project or problem to achieve a shared goal. Critical Thinking: Accessing, using, and applying information and knowledge. Innovation: Using creative thinking to construct something new and valuable.

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