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Host or Attend a School STEM Night

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Step 1: Find support and volunteers

  • Work with PTO/PTA to develop a list of volunteers willing to assist with planning through execution
  • Reach out to local industry partners and college students to support the planning and execution of the activities


Step 2: Choose Activities Choosing appropriate activities is an important step in ensuring the success of your STEM Night. See below for suggestions:

  • Hands-on activities that take between 10-20 minutes to complete
  • Support standards and curriculum
  • Age appropriate for students and adults
  • Mini competitions are a great way to engage students and adults and encourage collaboration
  • Activities that students feel confident taking the lead on


Step 3: Logistics Careful planning of the logistics can ensure a smooth STEM night. Some questions to ask include:

  • Who will be in charge of each activity? Is it lead by a student, teacher, or industry partner?
  • Do visitors need to RSVP or just show-up the night of?
  • Do we have all necessary materials for each activity?
  • Do we have ample parking and food for all visitors?
  • Is there a clear flow of the night? Should we create an agenda or be more free-flowing?
Time Details: 

One night but requires considerable planning.

Cost Details: 

Cost depends on the materials needed and whether you plan to provide food.

People Details: 


Outcome of the Activity: 
STEM Nights are a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community and show-off the skills your students have developed. STEM Nights opens dialogue with parents regarding state standards, learning objectives, and ways to support their child at home. Most of all, STEM Nights are a lot of fun and encourage hands-on learning.
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